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Want to know the practical things that these farming women do to THRIVE?

Hi, I'm Loshni Manikam, of Thriving Farming Women and compiler of this THRIVE GUIDE brimming with real, practical tips to inspire you to start thriving. The best part? Every one of these tips has been tried, loved and now recommended by farming women just like you.


Women who are often busy caring for and nurturing their families, their farms, their communities, their roles ... and don't always have the time or energy to think about nurturing and caring for themselves..... hmmm, sound familiar?


I hope that this GUIDE will inspire and motivate you to take steps towards nurturing and caring for yourself, so that you can thrive and be a loving, supportive mum, partner and farming woman... and/or all your other roles!

Because I know that when you thrive, everyone around you benefits!

Loshni Manikam is a farming mum, coach, facilitator and the New Zealand Dairy Woman of the year 2018.


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